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Icons-07Step Up School is dedicated to serving the “whole child.” Our mission is to foster students’ innate giftedness by providing an array of opportunities in which children can discover and develop their own interest and abilities. Emphasis is placed on nurturing a love for learning and self-direction through the use of a hands-on developmentally appropriate, science-driven curriculum.  We can’t always do that alone and are always in need of support for our low income and homeless students. We need your help to accommodate and educate.  Going to school can be challenging for students who are more worried about surviving than learning.  Food, hygiene and school supply needs are met at Step Up Schools through people like you.  You can make a monetary donation anytime.  We also have a constant need for volunteers to fill the needs of our students.  We would love to have you come to our campus and work with our students directly.

Please click here to to learn about state ECA tax credits you can receive for helping our school. Also please look at our attached Wishlist to see if there is a way you can support our school and students. 

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AZ Merit  Scores - Spring 2019
AZ Merit Scores – Spring 2019
CONGRATULATIONS to our students for continued growth and success!

**This institution is an equal opportunity provider.**