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Icons-07Step Up School is dedicated to serving the “whole child.” Our mission is to foster students’ innate giftedness by providing an array of opportunities in which children can discover and develop their own interest and abilities. Emphasis is placed on nurturing a love for learning and self-direction through the use of a hands-on developmentally appropriate, science-driven curriculum.  We can’t always do that alone and are always in need of support for our low income and homeless students. We need your help to accommodate and educate.  Going to school can be challenging for students who are more worried about surviving than learning.  Food, hygiene and school supply needs are met at Step Up Schools through people like you.  You can make a monetary donation anytime.  We also have a constant need for volunteers to fill the needs of our students.  We would love to have you come to our campus and work with our students directly.

Happy New Year!! The students are back and are already busy at work. We were blessed to have wonderful donors who supported our students and their families during the holiday season. Thank you very much for making their holidays bright!

Don’t miss the chance to make your Arizona State Tax Credit donation. This is a wonderful way to designate how and where your tax dollars are
spent. Details can be found on the attached wish list.

We have several items on this wish list that you see every month. You can help our school earn CASH every time you shop for groceries! Clip the Box Tops for Education labels on hundreds of your favorite products. Every Box Top coupon is worth 10 cents to us. All General Mills and Pillsbury products carry the label.

We are also participating in the Coke Rewards program. Check all Coke products, Powerade and Aquafina. Keep the cap from your bottle or the series of numbers from your carton. Cut them out and send them to us.

Wishing you a Happy 2018 with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come!

Diane and the staff at Step Up School

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